Guess who’s moved in to the Block?

Can you imagine the chaos? 4 couples in one block of 4 apartments, All renovating at the same time. 12 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 4 open plan living, dining and kitchen areas, all in 8 weeks and all for under $80,000.

The only sane place in the whole joint would be the garage…but with all that renovating going on…how do they even manage to find their tools?

Thanks to Gladiator®Garageworks the garage has become the contestants’ only sanctuary.

Gladiator®Garageworks – as seen on Channel Nine’s – “The Block 2010”.

"With this new series of The Block we have garages for the very first time. These were the only thing we renovated before the contestants arrived. We wanted to create an oasis for them from the dust and dirt, somewhere to stay organised and store their tools and hardware. We found the perfect solution for this in the Gladiator range of garage storage solutions. These proved so handy for our four couples that most of them brought the products into their homes during their renovations so they could keep some sense of order amidst the chaos. Gladiator quite literally came to their rescue."
Julian Cress - Executive Producer - "The Block 2010".

The Block is an apartment building in Vaucluse Sydney, which contains 4 apartments of identical size and layout, each with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 balcony, and mercifully…a garage.

4 sets of couples are allocated a budget of $80,000 and given 8 weeks to deliver a fully renovated apartment. When the Block goes to auction they keep the profit they make and the overall winner pockets an extra $100,000.

Each week they must face the judges with one completed room – renovated, decorated and furnished. The couples also have to live in the apartments while they are renovating, hire their own contractors and obey council noise restrictions, as well as maintain their ‘day jobs’ just like any other ‘everyday’ renovator.

With 30 years of experience on the tools, The Block host Scott Cam is able to offer helpful tips and advice to these highly stressed contestants, but the only real solace they can find amidst all the chaos is in their garage. At least with everything neatly arranged on the walls they are able to find the tools they need, when they need them.

Gladiator®Garageworks benches provide a space for plans to be laid out and viewed. Contestants have Gladiator Cabinets, GearTrack, GearWall and a range of hooks, baskets and accessories installed in their small garages. With each couple having to park a car in the garage, Gladiator®Garageworks makes all the difference in creating a workable space to plan their renovations in.

You will probably never do a renovation quite as extreme as The Block, but there are always those ‘weekend projects’ and you will no doubt renovate something in your home at some point. Renovating can be absolute chaos so, before you start tearing your house apart, create space for yourself elsewhere.


Gladiator®Garageworks is strong enough to hold heavy tools on the wall; it’s completely flexible and can be installed on many different surfaces, it grows with you as your needs grow. You can add components or reconfigure and move them around whenever you please. It’s easy to install and just like renovating, you can do-it-yourself.